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MineDop is a Prospector and Developer of Mines Company. Develop and Operate mines mainly Manganese in full compliance with the environment by taking all precautions on Health and Safety.

Our vision is to employ and accomodate the most advanced Technologies available for exploration, development and operations of mines that would help us to minimise the impact on environement as well as approach the most possible high efficiency.



Applying the full efforts and attention by utilising the best methodologies and tools to meet expectaions of our customers fully in compliance with their specifications on timely manner at the highest possible quality.



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  • Manganese

    The MineDop manganese ores are pyrolusite, manganite and psilomelane and comes from various mine sites and are subjected to process which crushing, classification and beneficiation. The final products have concentration of Mn at %30-%50 and have various particle sizes and spesifications for the customer demands.

    The MineDop manganese ore’s main characteristics include a high grade of manganes depending customer demands and wide grain size distribution and high degree of oxidation of the ore which makes it possible to decrease energy consumption and provide the yields during its use.

  • Baryte

    The commercial significance of barite is related almost entirely to its high specific gravity. Most processed barite (90%) is used as a weighting agent in well drillling fluids. Its physical and chemical properties assume more importance for its filler applications and for its use as a source of barium. Common mineral impurities in barite ores are quartz, carbonate minerals, sulfide minerals, and clay. Processing of barite depends upon ore purity and the nature of associated minerals. Drilling grades often require only crushing, grinding, sieving, and milling. An intermediate washing step may be employed to achieve required minimal specific gravity and BaSO4 content..