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Engineering Services

MineDop design and engineering services comprise consulting, concept, feasibility, technical engineering and Mineral Processing application and provide conceptual design, basic design and layout and detailed engineering in all disciplines under one roof. Areas of specific expertise and experience include mine Desing, Planning, Operations, Project Management, R&D.

Mine Site Operations;

Work carried out during this phase includes:

  1. Feasibility
  2. Concept development
  3. Key plans, plot plans and unit layout
  4. Mineral reserve and grade estimation
  5. Optimization
  6. Tailing storage
  7. Excavation planning

Mineral Processing Operations;

Work carried out during this phase includes:

  1. Feasibility
  2. Mineral Processing Projects, feasibility and R&D
  3. Process design and process flow diagrams (PFD) for systems
  4. Comminution and Classification
  5. Physical, Physicochemical and Chemical enrichment (Gravity, Magnetic, Electostatic seperation, Flotation, Flocculation-Coagulation, Agglomeration, Leach application (Heap, Dump, Vat, Tank, Pressure, In-Situ app.)
  6. Plant Design, Construction, Commissioning
  7. Dewatering and Drying Systems
  8. Waste Management and Tailings Disposal

MINEDOP engineering team have experienced members about to base and precious metals beneficiation, industrial raw materials and REE minerals.

Contract Mining Services

There has been a rapid growth in contract mining worldwide. By contracting out one or more of their mining operations, the mining companies can concentrate on their core businesses while using specialists for rock breakage, raw materials preparation and materials handling. In the past, when owner mining was exclusively done, some mines tended to contract out one or two production operations because of their short duration. Today, contract mining operations range from exploration through the exploitation stage of mining up to the shipment of the final product.

There is an increasing trend where most mines use contract mining services to mine the ore and waste, process the ore and to maintain their equipment. A mining company assigns some or all of mining operations to a second party (contractor) then the company is engaging in contract mining. Contract mining provides assesment and control about to operate rock breakage, loading, hauling of ore and wastes, mine design, equipment maintenance, scheduling and budgeting. Therefore, contact mining is exclusive service.

0 MineDop’s contract mining service comprises several contractual agreements which used in contract mining. These can be broadly classified as traditional contract, risk sharing contract and strategic alliance contract depending on the mine life or duration of the contract, the certainty of rates and production volumes, the quantification of all risks involved in the project.

MineDop provides commitments the objectives of economy (value of money – result of competition), efficiency (cost effectiveness of process), equal access (non discriminatory) and transparency (predictability, clear rules, disclosures).

MineDop will be your reliable partner as a contract miner with the experience and knowledge of the company management. All of experince about mine site operation and mineral processing projects will be served for customers.

Trade and Export Services

MineDop will be your reliable partner to find the best customer for your product to increase your mining profits with the abroad offices existing in various countries. Our team have experienced to supply dispatch organization and planning about international areas and to give commitments.